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Celebrating Stephen Hawking’s 70th Birthday

I’m looking forward to attending the conference in Cambridge U.K. to honor Stephen Hawking’s 70th birthday, ” The State of the Universe,”  January 4-7,  and the Birthday Symposium and Party on January 8.  Around that time you can catch me on NBC Nightly News, and the following:

January 2-6    “Dear Prof Hawking” aired on BBC radio 4.

January 3       Interview with Associated Press Television News, filmed at Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

January 3       Interview with Associated Press for print media at CMS by Maria Cheng, medical writer.

January 3       NPR Fresh Air interview with Terry Gross, recorded Dec. 27 from National Public Radio Studios in Los Angeles, broadcast nationally in the U.S.A.

January 4       BBC Look East interview filmed at my flat

January 5       Interview on national Today Show, live from Cambridge studio.

January 5       Interview for BBC Radio Cambridge, live from Cambridge studio.

January 6       Interview with Alok Jha, Science Correspondent from The Guardian/Observer

January 6       Scientific American — a lengthy excerpt from my book.

January 6       Interview for BBC World TV News from Cambridge studio.

January 7       Channel 4 News interview from London ITN studio

January 7       NBC-TV interview from London NBC studio, aired in the U.S. Jan. 9 on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.  Use link below, then type in Stephen Hawking in the search box lower left, then pick the one having to do with his 70th birthday.

January 8       Review on Scientific American’s blog “Degrees of Freedom”

January 8       Review on

January 8       Los Angeles Times review.  Reviewed as section lead.

January 8       Telephone interview withLuis Miguel Ariza, who writes for El Pais in Spain.  Article to appear In future.


2 BBC TV interviews

Interview with  French television

Interview for  The Independent

Interviews with ITN, ITV, Anglia Television, and AFPTV

Several other short TV interviews

January 10     Albert Mohler article on

January 11     Mention in Columbia Journalism Review

January 14     Mention on BigThink