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“The Bravest Man I Ever Met’, BBC Science Focus,” June 15, 2020
Honoring the second anniversary of the interment of Stephen Hawking’s ashes in Westminster Abbey
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“Galileo and the Conflict Between Science and Religious Belief,” in The Independent, 1 April 1999.

“Devouring the Future: A Profile of Stephen Hawking,” Astronomy Magazine, December 1998 (cover article).
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“An Interview with John Polkinghorne: Finding a Balance Between Christianity and Science,” The Living Church, August 1997.
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“Earth Alert! The Forecast: A Warmer World,” Time Magazine’s TIME for Kids, September 29, 1995 (cover article).

“Interconnectedness,” a book review of Daniel C. Matt, God and the Big Bang and Jeffrey Golliher and William Bryant Logan, eds, Crisis and the Renewal of Creation in The Living Church, Jan. 5, 1997.

“The God Squad,” May, 1995.
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Music and art reviews for International Forum Newsletter, Oslo, Norway, Jan-June, 1996.

Chautauqua newspaper article.


“Engaging the Scientific and Spiritual Imagination,” in Future Visions, William Grassie, ed., Philadelphia: John Templeton Foundation, and the International Space Science Organization.
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“Letter to Caitlin,” published as “What I Want My Teenager to Know about the God/Science Debate” in Russell Stannard, ed., God for the 21st Century, Philadelphia: Templeton Foundation Press, 2000.
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“The Longing of Johannes Kepler” in Charles L. Harper Jr., ed., Spiritual Information: 100 Perspectives on Science and Religion, Philadelphia: Templeton Foundation Press, 2005; and reprinted in The Anglican, Vol 32, #3, July A.D. 2003.
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