Kitty Ferguson
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Maps: Tycho’s Denmark; Tycho and Kepler’s Europe



Aristocrat by Birth, Astronomer by Nature

Behavior Unbecoming a Nobleman

Having the Best of Several Universes

The Isle of Hven

Worlds Apart

A Palace Observatory

Adelberg, Maulbronn, Uraniborg

Contriving Immortality

The Undermining of Human Endeavor

Years of Discontent

Geometry’s Universe

Divine Right and Earthly Machination

Converging Paths


Prague Opens Her Arms

A Dysfunctional Collaboration

“Let Me Not Seem to Have Lived in Vain”

The Best of Times

Astronomia Nova

The Wheel of Fortune Creaks Around

An Unlikely Harmony

Measuring the Shadows

Appendix: Angular Distance, Kepler’s Use of Tycho’s Observations of Mars,

Glossary, Notes, Bibliography, Index