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UK: Bantam-Transworld
US: Bantam, Doubleday, Dell

Foreign Editions: China, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey


Cambridge genius Professor Stephen Hawking has earned international acclaim for his astounding scientific ideas, his courage in overcoming grave physical disability, and his eagerness and excitement about sharing his scientific adventures with everyone.

This is the story of his life and his quest to find a complete scientific understanding of the universe, against overwhelming odds.

It is an unlikely, moving tale, full of paradoxes: Beginnings may be endings . . . Two great scientific theories taken together seem to give us nonsense . . . Empty space isn’t empty . . . Black holes aren’t black . . . Cruel circumstances can lead to happiness, although fame and success may not. . . and a man whose appearance inspires shock and pity takes us laughing to where the boundaries of space and time ought to be – but are not.

When I approached Stephen Hawking with the idea of writing a book about him, asking him to help me make certain I understood his theories, he agreed and also gave me never-before-published photographs and material about his childhood and life. This book is the result.

This book was a Sunday Times of London Bestseller and also on Bestseller Lists in Germany, South Africa, and Australia.

"The reader is drawn on by some of the best scientific definitions, analogies, simple explanations and down-right interesting writing I have ever seen."
London Evening Standard

"A probing, sympathetic look at the lives behind the fame."
Perth Sunday Times

"A biography of the extraordinary physicist himself and an explanation of what the bloody hell A Brief History of Time was all about, for the benefit of all those who didn't get as far as chapter two."


"Will enrich heart no less than mind."
Damien Broderick, The Australian

Devouring the Future: A Profile of Stephen Hawking," Astronomy Magazine, December 1998 (cover article).