Kitty Ferguson
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Lifetimes and Other Significant Dates

Part I:  Sixth Century B.C.

“At the hinge of legend and history”
The Long-haired Samian
“Entirely different from the institutions of the Greeks”
“Among them was a man of immense knowledge”
“My true race is of heaven”
“All things known have number”
“The Famous Figure of Pythagoras”

Part II:  Fifth Century B.C.-Seventh Century A.D.

A Book by Philolaus the Pythagorean
Plato’s Search for Pythagoras
“The ancients, our superiors, who dwelt nearer
to the gods, have passed this word on to us”
From Aristotle to Euclid
The Roman Pythagoras
Through Neo-Pythagorean and Ptolemaic Eyes
The Wrap-up of Antiquity

Part III:  Eighth-Twentyfirst Century A.D.

“Dwarfs on the shoulders of giants,” Pythagoras in the Middle Ages
“Wherein Nature shows herself most excellent and complete”
“While the morning stars sang together”: Johannes Kepler
Enlightened and Illuminated
Janus Face
The Labyrinths of Simplicity

Appendix, Notes, Bibliography, Index