Kitty Ferguson
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UK: Icon Books
US: Walker Books

Foreign Editions: Italy, Greece, Japan, Turkey


The ideas of Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans transformed the ancient world and still undergird and influence the way we think, in science, mathematics, philosophy, the arts and everyday life.

This book vividly evokes the Mediterranean of the 6th century BC, traces the way ideas spread in antiquity, and chronicles the incredible influence Pythagoras and his followers have had on extraordinary people, from Plato to Bertrand Russell, throughout the history of Western thought and science . . . as well as the way these same extraordinary people have, in their turn, reinvented “Pythagoras.”

"A joy to read."
Library Journal

"A stimulating, wide-ranging look at how the Greek mathematician and philosopher's key insights have been at the heart of an enormous range of subsequent thought."
Kirkus Reviews

"I can attest to its worthiness to be at the top of any reader's list."
John Traveler, for Helium

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