Kitty Ferguson
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What is a black hole? Could we survive a visit to one? Perhaps even venture inside? What would we find? Have we yet discovered any real black holes?

And what do black holes teach us about what physicist John Archibald Wheeler called “the deep, happy, mysteries of the universe”?

These are just a few of the tantalizing questions examined in this jargon-free review of one of the most fascinating topics in modern science. In search of the answers, we trace a star from its birth to its death throes, take a fabulous hypothetical journey to the border of a black hole and beyond, spend time with some of the world’s leading theoretical physicists and observational astronomers scanning the cosmos for evidence of real black holes, and take a whimsical look at some of the wild ideas black holes have inspired.

"An astute blend of entertainment and enlightenment. The sort of book that might have come from George Gamow as part of his series Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland. Ferguson's grip on her material is firm, her style crisp, lucid and lively."
Werner Israel, Physics World

"A crystal clear guide for a first trip around the black hole block."

"The best book yet on black holes!"
Online Review

"If you want to understand black holes, but you know nothing of calculus or quantum dynamics, then this is the book for you. It is enjoyable reading and informative in the extreme."
Fredric Pierce, online review