Kitty Ferguson
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Review in Association of Science Educators Journal:
This book is about the history of scientific discoveries. Kitty Ferguson has, after her personal research, chosen ten scientists who were involved, though often not acknowledged — in scientific discoveries from the first century CE to the 1960s. What I particularly liked about this book (in addition to its highly readable text) was that in every chapter I learnt something new and surprising. If I had heard of the scientists I learned some new aspect about their work, and where I hadn’t heard of the scientists I was amazed to learn of their significant contribution to our science understanding.

Review in CHOICE:
The saga of science has many adventurous stories, and this work presents riveting accounts of some that are unknown or unacknowledged.

Review for by Timothy Haugh
The idea behind this book is an excellent one: shining light on “overlooked or lost stories in the history of science”. Additionally, Ms. Ferguson has a solid background in writing on the history of science and her prose is very engaging. (Her book on Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler is a personal favorite.) This is a beautiful, well-written and -illustrated work that does a good job of bringing out various less known people and moments in science. It is definitely a worthwhile read.

Review for by George Poirier
In this well-written, mesmerizing book, the author highlights some of science‚Äôs lesser-known crusaders. Ten such scientists and their accomplishments are discussed, one per chapter. I found this book to be written in a style that is friendly, accessible, lively and highly engaging. I found it very difficult to put down. Furthermore, learning about scientists that I’ve never heard of, as well as some details in the lives of those that I knew about, was a very enriching and worthwhile experience for me. Amply illustrated with pictures, diagrams and various figures, this book can be enjoyed by anyone. However, science enthusiasts, in particular, should be in for a treat.