Kitty Ferguson
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Interview by Liz Thompson at the Edinburgh Book Festival, August 28, 2017

Stephen Hawking/Stephen Finnigan film autobiography HAWKING.
Extensive interviews that appeared in the film, premiered September 20, 2013.
See website: hawking 2013 cast

NPR “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross, Jan. 3, 2012
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“In Her Own Words,” Ami Albernaz, interviewer, in Science and Spirit, Jan., Feb. 2005.
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“The Universe and Mrs. Ferguson,” Susan Adams, interviewer, in Forbes, Dec. 13, 1999.
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Interview by David Gergen for PBS-TV “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.” Broadcast August, 1999.

Interview for BBC-2 Television for a three-part special series entitled “Visions of the Future” on The Late Show.  Broadcast November 1994.