Kitty Ferguson
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1. “They Buried Him in Westminster Abbey.”

2. Seeing Things

Is the Rational Universe an Illusion?
“In Natures infinite book of mysteries . . . “ can we read very much at all?
Is objective reality a mirage?
Are we really free agents”
Is the universe a uni-verse?

3. Almost Objective

Where is fancy bred?
The spectacles behind the eyes?
The muse of science:  Is truth beautiful?
Does truth surpass proof?
The elite of science
The spirit of the times
The essential Godlessness of science
At the limits of scientific truth
First steps beyond the mind’s-eye view
Is there anything else?
The insidiousness of God
The morality of science: Is truth good?

4. Romancing the Creation

The uncomfortable concept of a beginning
The Gordian knot of singularity
The magic of imaginary time
The pulsing universe and the arrow of entropy
The mysterious wobbling of nothingness
“Reality (whatever that may be)”
Reality in the absence of apples
What place for a creator?
The third candidate
The mother of all chicken-and-egg stories

5. The Illusive Mind of God

God as the embodiment of the laws of physics
A presence behind the process
The leap to purpose: The God who wishes to drink tea
The watchmaker
The universe as a “put-up job”
Second Gordian knot: The anthropic principle
Hacking at the second Gordian knot
The inflationary universe
Baby universes to the rescue!
Not the ether again!
The longing of Johannes Kepler
The fiddler on the roof

6. The God of Abraham and Jesus

The law-breaker
The hard edge of legalism
The soft underbelly of legalism
The death of the God of the Gaps
Chaos meets Control
“Top-down determinism?
”I AM”
When truths collide
The ultimate self-confirming hypotheses
The masterful use of parallel perfect fifths
Who is the “I” in “I AM”?

7. Inadmissible Evidence

Public vs. private knowledge
Admissible evidence?
The spectacles-behind-the-eyes revisited
The cloud of witnesses
A game of “I Doubt It”
The Lucy problem
“I should not believe such a story were it told me by Cato!”
“The Invincible Ignorance of Science”
“For the Bible tells me so”  The evidence of Scripture
Is there proof in the pudding?  The evidence of results
Armchair truth: The argument from reason
The argument from explanatory power
The argument from nature
The argument from availability

8. Theory of Everything . . . Mind of God

Notes, bibliography, and index.